Rob teaches culinary skills to Early Childhood Educators!

The Reggio Emilia Conference, held biannually, brings together Early Childhood Educators from across Australia. This year Community Early Learning Australia sponsored a pre-conference workshop led by Rob Rees.

Rob shared his passion, skills, and expertise for good food and healthy eating. The menu for the morning included an interactive cooking demonstration, lunch preparation, and in true Italian tradition ‘tutti a tavola’ participants joined each other at the table to share experiences and enjoy some truly delicious, healthy fare!

20 people who wanted to change the food world in their settings did a fantastic job throughout the workshop. They collaboratively shared ideas and innovative solutions to a range of areas in the ever-changing world of education. Vive cookery school is a fantastic venue with very supportive and proactive staff.

Food and health education is a fantastic addition to any Early Childhood setting, congratulations to the 20 participants who immersed themselves in the four-hour workshop for the benefit of their professional development and in turn the children they educate.


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