Kitchen Challenge 3 – A Great Success

A big congratulations to the Kitchen Challenge Cohort 3 participants!  A trying, yet successful 8 weeks saw the development of 12 individuals both in the kitchen and out.  Participants engaged in 8 days of intense learning of culinary, leadership and team work skills. Consistently pushing each individual out of their comfort zone. Experiences included learning about nutrition, beekeeping, menu design and the delivery of a full resturant session to 45 guests. Participants included carers in the Brimbank area and Corporate employees from appliance experts Miele. Participants embraced the challenge, many taking the new learnt skills home to their families and friends, expanding the reach of the Kitchen Challenge program.

“[Kitchen Challenge] was a blast it gave me confidence, it gave me courage it and made me do things I would normally not do. Using food as a foundation is a great concept, as everyone knows food, everyone eats food and everyone can relate to food. I met new friends and I learnt new skills, but most of all I met an amazing man called Rob Rees, Thank you Rob.” – Kitchen Challenge Cohort 3, Head Chef John


The challenge ended with a day of reflection as the team prepared the successful resturant dishes for themselves.  This challenge proved the value of Kitchen Challenge as we saw a tremendous amount of growth from each individual. We wish all the Cohort 3 participants the best moving forward with their new found skills and abilities.

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