How can we help?

Everything we do is to create surplus for us to invest back into helping those who find life difficult in line with our vision. We are big believers in collaboration and if we cant help we will signpost you to our contacts and other experts who can help.

Kitchen Challenge:

This challenge is all about a reflective journey for each participant that gets them thinking about their own solutions to problems they may well face but uses food as the tool and process. This 6 or 8-day plough to plate project with 8 participants is a test of the senses, motivations and skills and ends with an impressive stakeholder event where guests are wined and dined to a Michelin Chef standard. There is no standard template due to the rich diversity of participants but each challenge can be enhanced with “experiences” in workplace settings as well as ongoing “scholar and consensus” opportunities with employers. Kitchen Challenge is suitable for corporate organisations but love to run challenges for people who for whatever reason find life more difficult than most.

Please visit the website Kitchen Challenge Website


Parent/Carer and Child Cooking and Cooking sessions for people finding life difficult.

We can advice strategically on the best way to establish and maintain community cooking clubs with experience of Chairing the UK Lets Get Cooking project that touched over 2.5 million people in well over 5500 Cooking Clubs across England.

We can run fun and interactive parent/carer and child cooking together sessions for your workplace as part of your staff emotional well-being or in your community or school or perhaps just amongst your friends. Bespoke to you we can run half day sessions that will be full of taste and information to really feed the mind. You will be amazed what fun you will have together and the power of food to help enhance your relationships.

Policy and Process IAG (Information advice and guidance)

We have many years’ experience of implementing food, health and education policy within Governments, private and charitable sector organisations. We know what has worked well and what is more challenging. We can give you advice and ideas that could inspire a nation, workplace, council or individual towards a better place. Our extensive knowledge and love of networking and facilitation puts us in a great position to help you. We particularly relish working with organisations looking to improve their food culture as well as opportunities for the most vulnerable.   What we really love to do though is show you “how to and what if”. Rob is delighted to be a Policy Fellow with the AHPC at Victoria University and supporting them currently on ground breaking social prescribing solutions.

Rob Rees MBE DL – personal appearances/ blogs and articles:

FWA Director and Founder Rob Rees MBE DL is available for talks, masterclasses , demonstrations or product launches at your event. Be it corporate, policy or food festivals Rob is available to motivate and entertain you. With years of experience in public speaking and a depth of knowledge from around the globe his impact will add value and legacy to your occasion. Rob also contributes to the local and national media and a number of Blogs. One of his favourites was The Little Green Spade – an Early Years project bringing growing and cooking alive in EY settings.

Do have a look at one of Rob’s former projects in NSW.

Have a look at Don’t Trust Your Taste Buds website for some great information and ideas on reducing salt from our work with Heart Foundation that Rob worked on.

Also Rob is delighted to be sharing elements of Employer Consensus projects like Kitchen Challenge and the historic Food Vision work with the Australian Health Policy Collaboration at Victoria University.

Rob has recently also joined the Right too Food Group Australia – working out a vision and strategy in line with every humans rights to access good food. Get involved Right to Food Coalition