Kitchen Challenge with Bendigo is underway

Delighted to update people on the first Kitchen Challenge has now started in Australia with Bendigo Secondary College.

The group joined Rob and team last week (7th Feb) to start the project producing some great breads, their own lunch and gaining an insight into what the next 8 weeks will possibly hold for them.

They will learn about food from farm to fork and gain and learn huge amounts about themselves so as to be able to unlock the potential to achieve their aspirations.

We already have a number of partners on board including Inglewood Beef, Free to Fish and the amazing Bendelta will be offering mentorship opportunities for the participants.

Rob says ” I’m really excited about this group already and the potential of what they can achieve”.

We believe at Kitchen Challenge HQ that we can truly motivate and inspire people to think differently about themselves whatever their background via the challenges that are tested during this 8 week course. With added time for individuals to reflect, with a strong team and individual engagement and by being positive we can see health and well being improve dramatically.

Do visit to see more about the work.





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