Debs – an amazing lady and case study Kitchen Challenge

This is Debs debs

A few years ago she did Kitchen Challenge She shone. She changed her life herself. Kitchen Challenge nudged, guided and helped her to work a few things out for herself.

She very kindly has this open message for your all. Thank you Debs for sharing so openly:

Hi to everyone that is thinking about doing the Kitchen challenge or who are already doing it. My name is Debra, but everyone calls me Debs, I would like to tell you what Kitchen Challenge did for me. First I will tell you a little bit about my past.

My childhood was ok, but in my teenage years a lot of bad things happened to me, one was being bullied. I didn’t get the help that I needed and I carried these traumas around with me. I started to drink as it gave me confidence, so I thought at the time. The drinking gradually got worse as time went by. I went through a rocky marriage and two really bad relationships, the only good thing that came out of all that were my 3 children.

My drinking escalated in my late 30’s, I then started to take drugs. To cut a very long story short, I ended up losing everything and became homeless living on the streets. After a year and a half living rough, I decided to seek help, ended up in and out of detox 4 times, finally I hit my rock bottom and managed to get into Rehab and there I received the right help which I was longing for.

I decided not to go back to London and decided to stay in Cheltenham and concentrate on getting back on feet and to rebuild the relationships I had lost with my children. Before all of this happened to me, I worked in the catering business and always wanted to do an NVQ in catering.

After rehab I went into a dry house, were there are rules in place, I needed this as I had to get a structure in place for me to move forward. Whilst in the dry house, my project worker told about the Kitchen Challenge and would I be interested in going on the course as she knew how desperate I was to get back into catering. I jumped at the chance, the course was amazing, built up my confidence, help me communicate with others and work as a team, I found out I had skills which I didn’t know I had, really gave me that boost I needed. The course really changed my outlook on life for the better and I’ve never looked back, I can’t thank Rob Rees enough for this opportunity. I went on and did level 3 in professional cookery and worked full time at the Star Bistro. I also had a couple of friends on the same course who choice different careers paths and are doing extremely well, this course benefits everyone, whether you want to be a mechanic or work in a shop.

I wish everyone the best of luck for the future

Debs x


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