Christmas Stollen Recipe

Have a go at making a Christmas Stollen this year – here is a recipe that I use and love. Enjoy and Merry Christmas



Recipe taken from St Michael, Cooking for Christmas




25g fresh yeast

2tsb warm water

75g caster sugar

Pinch of salt

6tbs warm milk

2 tbs rum

Few drops of almond essence

400g strong plain flour

1 egg beaten

150g unsalted butter, softened

50g raisins

50g glace cherries, chopped, washed

50g currants

25g angelica, chopped

50g cut mixed peal

40g flaked almonds

Sifted icing sugar




  1. Blend the yeast in the water. If using dried yeast, add 1 teaspoon of the sugar and leave in a warm place until frothy. Dissolve 50g sugar and the salt in the milk. Add the rum, essence and yeast liquid.
  2. Sift the flour into a bowl, making a well in the centre. Add the yeast mixture, egg, 75g softened butter cut into small pieces, and the fruits and nuts. Mix to a soft dough and knead for 10 minutes by hand, or 4-5 minutes in a large electric mixer fitted with a dough look.
  3. Replace the dough in the bowl, cover with oiled polythene or a damp cloth and put to rise in a warm place until doubled in size – about 2 hours.
  4. Knock back the dough and knead until smooth, then roll out to a rectangle about 30x20cm (12×8 inches).
  5. Melt the remaining butter and brush liberally over the dough; then sprinkle with the remaining caster sugar. Fold one long side over just beyond the centre and then the other long side to overlap the first piece well. Press lightly together and slightly taper the ends.
  6. Place on a greased baking sheet, brush with melted butter and leave in a warm place until almost doubled in size.
  7. Bake in a preheated oven for about 45 minutes, until well risen and browned. Cool on a wire tray. Before serving dredge heavily with sifted icing sugar and serve cut into fairly thin slices.


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