Get Energised!

Melbourne’s food culture makes it so very easy to indulge, often more than occasionally.
Indulging is ok from time to time, but there is one key tip that allows us to do so.


Energy in has to be energy out – that’s right!

It is important to burn off the amount of calories that you put into your body.

So get off the couch, get energised and go for a walk, spend half an hour cutting the grass, take part in sport activity, walk up the stairs at work instead of the lift, stop a couple of trams short of your destination or rent a bike.


Kick-start your day the right way!

Cold Monday mornings make it SO hard to leap out of bed into a new day.
But this healthy tip may just remind you as to why you can’t be running late!

salmon breakky breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – breaking the fast created during sleep (that probably could have been longer).

Your body needs to refuel and re-energise for the working day.

Having a good wholesome breakfast will get you through to school based snack time or workplace lunch with vigour and high levels of concentration.

Get through your Monday starting with a healthy breakfast!

A Weekend Treat: Chocolate and Beetroot Muffins

Treat Yourself This Weekend

Take the time this weekend to make yourself a treat.
Get the family together and bake up some delicious Chocolate and Beetroot muffins!


Portions: 9 Muffins


100g Plain Flour
8g Baking Powder
40g Cocoa Powder
120g Caster Sugar
1 Eggs
125g Beetroot, cooked (not pickled)
100g Butter, melted

Pre-heat oven to 180°C or gas mark 4.
Sieve the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder into a bowl.
Add the sugar to the flour mixture and mix.
Puree the beetroot in a food processor.
Add the eggs to the food processor with the beetroot and pulse until mixed together well.
Melt the butter in a saucepan.
On a slow speed drizzle the melted butter into the blender with the beetroot mixture.
Pour the beetroot mixture into the bowl of dry ingredients and combine well.
Place into suitable sized muffin cases and bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes, or until cooked
Place on a cooling rack to cool.

Serve and ENJOY!

Happy baking!


Copyright Rob Rees MBE DL –

Australian Dairy Farmers in Crisis

26 year old Dairy Farmer Will Ryan has made the heartbreaking decision to pack up and sell up his long lived and loved family farm. This decision comes with great difficulty, yet force due to the Dairy crisis facing many Australian Farmers. Read more about the Crisis and the Ryan family farm here:

Photo: Dairy Farmer Will Ryan (ABC Rural: Bridget Fitzgerald)
Photo: Dairy Farmer Will Ryan (ABC Rural: Bridget Fitzgerald)


This crisis doesn’t make sense.
Australia is a country so proud of its home-made products. New labeling this Winter is an endorsement to that fact and yet the local dairy industry isn’t being supported by the retailers. Only last year in the UK we had similar chaos with no fair price going to the farmer and many going out of business or diversifying into something different.

Don’t let that happen here Australia.
Go out and support your farmers by purchasing milk produced here.
Ask your local retailers to sell it and next time you go out for the coffee ask your barista – where do you get your milk from? You may well get a few surprises!

The two best drinks you can have are Milk and Water – the rest are just making up the numbers.
Have a glass of milk in the morning or at lunchtime instead of a juice or a fizzy drink perhaps.
Milk and Dairy products are a good part of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and will provide high levels of Calcium that will help bones and teeth to be strong now and in later life.


Join the food revolution and remember #behealthy

Size Does Matter!

Straight from the boss(2)
Healthy Eating Tip for a Healthy Future:

Size does count!

Yes in the case of food we should all be thinking about a smaller portion.
Eating out and indeed retail options are now selling us super sized everywhere.

Think about an entree as a main course and consider the right serve size when buying fresh meat or fish that is pre-packaged.

Get yourself to a fresh foods market where you can pick and choose specifically what you want and possibly even trust better where your food has come from.

Its easy to find out further information by just googling “Serve Size.”

Join the food revolution and #behealthy

Message Monday: Can we use Melbourne’s creative nature to revolutionize it’s food culture?

Message Monday

Can we use Melbourne’s creative nature to revolutionize it’s food culture?

Six months into living in Melbourne and I am amazed by the diversity of food, health and education here.

This place is just bubbling over with ideas and creativity. Melbourne truly is all encompassing creative hub.

It’s interesting though how often I receive a closed door response when it comes to proposing better, ideally hot and nutritious school meals in Australia. The element of creativity gets sucked away and the shutters come down to a blunt “no, that just isn’t possible here.”

I have found a number of motivated and revolutionary people who rebel against the close-mindedness  and are ready to collaborate in solving problems, overcoming obstacles and creating a transformation for school meals.

There is undeniably issues surrounding malnutrition and hunger in our own Melbournian backyard.

Some solutions I’ve heard through collaborating on these issues include nutritional and delicious meals, that parents have online pre-ordered, being delivered to the school door, and organisations buying freezers for schools in areas where food poverty (1 in 5 Children in Australian go hungry every day) is rife.

Malnutrition and Food Poverty really isn’t something that school leadership and councils can ignore for long.

Global evidence can show that a fulfilling lunch improves behaviour and results. Where local evidence shows the rapid increase in childhood obesity as well as the increase in  the double burden of obese parents and malnourished children.

So here is my simple call to action for you today – talk with a friend or a relative that has children at school, get them to understand the value of why good food at schools is so important for 190 days per year for at least 13 years of their life and get them motivated enough to ask questions of their school and gather a momentum for change.

Just because you haven’t done it here before doesn’t means it’s not the right thing to do and certainly doesn’t mean its too difficult to achieve.

– Rob Rees MBE DL

rob headshot

My First month with the team at Food Works Australia!

Interesting, Visionary and Motivating. This in a nutshell describes the organization I have stepped into. Whilst the first weeks of joining the team at Food Works Australia PTY Ltd have proven challenging, there is a great deal I have personally gained in understanding the work that has begun here in Australia.

From days in the office working through admin responsibilities to days out in the food world watching the man himself, Rob Rees, use a cooking demonstration to spread key messages about opting for a food healthy lifestyle there is yet to be a day where this organization bores me.


Rob Rees giving a demonstration at the International Street Food Festival, March 2016

Rob Rees giving a demonstration at the International Street Food Festival, March 2016


Food Works Australia PTY Ltd strives for social change; whilst that is done mainly through the medium of food the goals far outweigh the food industry alone. The vision of Rob and the team at Food Works Australia PTY Ltd has motivated me to personally invest in the outcomes we are looking to achieve together. Changing the food culture of Australia is one step, changing the social culture is another.

So what is the outcome of my first month at Food Works Australia PTY Ltd? Hopefully many more.

– Megan



Come see a Rob Rees Masterclass in St Kilda

On Saturday 19th March at 2pm the boss will be at the International Street Food Festival carrying out a masterclass and talk to a hungry audience.

He will share his tips on cooking beef with celeriac and red onion jam with a chorizo and honey reduction and strawberries in a tarragon and lavender custard – both 2 of his signature dishes from the UK.

The festival will be rocking with comedy, music and foods.

All Festival Information is at this link.

Do come and say hello after the demo and play #ispottedthecotswoldchefinoz on twitter.





This is why cooking in schools works….

This was the project I helped found and then Chairman for. It has an amazing team of staff and volunteers and amazing participants. Probably the biggest Cooking Club Programme in Europe.

Its time for Australia to replicate the project here.

All the evidence shows the impact is massive. A case of certainly not celebrity spin over content!!!!