Rob Rees MBE DL, well known UK chef and passionate food campaigner, is delighted to bring his organisations skills, experience and services to the amazing city of Melbourne, state of Victoria and Australia. Food Works Australia Pty Ltd led by Rob has a team of collaborators ready to work on the vision below.

The team are involved on projects steeped in values of social change, quality, ethics, sustainability and opportunity for all. Working in collaboration with others we are excited as a team to help transform the health ,well-being and productivity of a nation.

So what is our Vision?

Our vision is a society where inequalities have no gradient of difference and one that embraces the power of good food

So what are our objectives until 2021?

1. Create cultures of collaboration, social impact and learning.

2. Support more people with challenges in their lives into meaningful employment.

3. Motivate more people to take part in cooking and see its benefits to better wealth, health and knowledge

In addition Rob will personally share his knowledge and experiences to bring about models of change in the food culture and health of our population supporting as many people as possible to cook and eat better be it at school, home, work or eating out.

So what are our values?

-to work with integrity, to respect inclusivity and to be positive

Projects designed around you and your community, workplace, industry, school or need, each moment working with the Food Works Australia Pty Ltd team will lead you somewhere better.

Contact us and check out our former UK work:

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